Patti Niles

President and CEO

Patti is credited with turning the organization into one of the most successful organ recovery organizations in the country. | Full bio.

Bradley L. Adams

Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel

Brad oversees the organization’s legal and financial affairs and serves as the agency’s corporate compliance officer. | Full bio.

Sandi Lemons

Chief Operating Officer

Sandi provides strategic leadership and vision to the day-to-day operations of Southwest Transplant Alliance. | Full bio.

Jo Ann Arias

Vice President of Human Resources

Jo Ann is responsible for workforce and performance management, employee relations and retention, and benefits and compensation. | Full bio.

Kevin Barnes

Director of Finance

Kevin oversees the finance department including budgeting, payroll and financial reporting. | Full Bio.

Faith Borunda

Senior Director of Regional Operations

Faith oversees the day-to-day operations of STA’s regional teams including clinical, tissue recovery, family and hospital services. | Full Bio

Roger Brooks

Director of Training, Education and Development

Roger designs, implements and evaluates the organization’s learning programs.  |  Full Bio

Doug Butler

Vice President of Clinical Operations

Doug is responsible for all clinical operations, including organ and tissue recovery services, family services, hospital services, and the donor services center. | Full Bio

Yvette Chapman

Vice President of Business Partner Development

Yvette oversees the ongoing support, consultation and education for STA’s partner hospitals, transplant centers, community partners and donor families. | Full bio.

Reid Freeman

Director of Clinical Services, Central

Reid oversees organ recovery operations in STA’s Dallas service area. | Full bio

Wil Louis

Director of Regional Donation Services

Wil creates and implements educational programs to increase organ and tissue donation at hospitals throughout Texas . | Full bio.

Kirsten Gappelberg

Vice President of Marketing Communications and Foundation Relations

Kirsten provides strategic direction and leadership to the organization’s community engagement activities, marketing and communications functions and the newly-formed Outlive Yourself Foundation. | Full bio.

Jaskiran Kaur

Director of Quality Services

Jas is responsible for developing and evaluating STA’s quality systems. | Full bio

Jennifer Sawkins

Director of Laboratory Services

Jennifer oversee the operations for STA’s new in-house clinical laboratory.

Toni Portwood

Director of Family Care

Toni leads a dedicated team that provides support and guidance to donor families.  | Full bio

Dr. Jeffrey C. Reese

Medical Director and Procurement Surgeon

Jeffrey Reese, M.D. is the medical director and the first full-time procurement surgeon at STA. | Full bio.

Larry Sickles

Director of Tissue Recovery Services

Larry oversees the development of tissue operations and for cultivating relationships with tissue partners in STA’s donor service area. |Full bio

Vicki Simmons

Director of Information Technology

Vicki oversees every aspect of the organization’s core communication and data information systems. | Full bio

Chad Trahan

Vice President of Innovation and Operational Excellence

Chad oversees innovation and continuous improvement initiatives at STA. | Full bio.