Southwest Transplant Alliance (STA) is a nonprofit organization that serves as the bridge between those who make the decision to donate their organs and tissues to those who need a lifesaving  transplant.

Our Purpose and Core Values

STA’s  purpose is to save lives through organ and tissue donation and transplantation. We can accomplish our mission when all employees believe in our core values of being passionate, selfless team players.

Our caring and compassionate staff offers hope to those facing the devastating loss of a loved one. Our team works in hospitals to guide grieving families through the organ and tissue donation process and to provide the clinical services needed to recover, prepare and transport organs and tissues for those awaiting a lifesaving transplant. STA is also committed to educating the public about the need for donation and the importance of donor registration by supporting the Donate Life Texas registry.

Strategic Plan
STA’s strategic plan was built with one thing in mind: saving more lives through organ and tissue recovery for transplants. As we venture into a new era at the organization, our work is focused on three strategic pillars:

1.      Creating a culture of joy where employees build their legacy of saving lives.

2.      Working to reach 2,020 by 2020 (target: 1,300 organs transplanted, 700 tissue donors)

3.      Operating in an environment that promotes creativity, continuous improvement and innovation.

An Important Role Provided Across the State

STA plays a vital role in the recovery of donated organs and tissues for transplant. We are part of a nationwide network of agencies that are responsible for coordinating the recovery and allocation of organs and tissues within our federally designated service area.

STA is affiliated with 10 hospital transplant centers that perform organ transplants, working with these partners along with the staff of more than 270 hospitals in 89 Texas counties.

Our Company Culture

Since 2013, Southwest Transplant Alliance has been on a terrific upswing. Thanks to our outstanding staff, we’ve gone from transplanting about 700 organs per year, to transplanting more than 1200 per year.

We’ve also grown from 80 employees to more than 200. At Southwest Transplant Alliance, we are passionate, selfless team players, committed to saving lives. Check out this video to see why Southwest Transplant Alliance is a wonderful place to work!