The circumstances surrounding donation are often difficult, but there are many stories of hope and healing. There are countless instances where a patient waiting for a life-saving transplant is given the a second chance at life through the generosity of others. These are beautiful, heartwarming inspiring stories.

Dr. Phil Berry’s Story

drberry_float_pictureThere is no way to know how many people’s lives have been saved because of one conversation that took place nearly 30 years ago. It happened in the late 1980s in a home in the south Texas town of Brazoria. A 30-year-old homemaker told her family that if anything should happen to her, she wanted her organs to be donated. What is known is that when this woman died suddenly of an aneurysm on October 26, 1987, her family honored her wishes, and her liver went to a Dallas man who had only two weeks to live. Read more.

Courtney Sterling’s Story

sterling_courtneyCourtney Sterling was an outgoing and friendly freshman at Lumberton High School, in Texas. She was active in her school’s Color Guard and played the flute in the band. Courtney loved the outdoors, especially the beach, boating and four-wheel riding in the mud with her friends. She never met a stranger. Her school mates remember her as the first person that talked to them on their first day of school, and made them feel safe and welcomed. Many of her friends would go to her for advice with their life problems. In addition to her friends, she adored her family and was very excited about being an aunt and was looking forward to her nephew, Tyson, being born. Read more.

Matthew “Cody” Corker’s Story

ahernandez_cody_2008When 71-year-old Skip walked onto a Segoville, Texas, baseball field on a sweltering summer day, dozens of young players — most in their early 20s — lined up to meet him as if he were a celebrity. To them, he was a celebrity, because beating inside Skip’s chest was the heart of their teammate Matthew “Cody” Corker, who’d died just one year earlier. Read more.

George Dennis Vargas’s Story

georgevargasGeorge Dennis Vargas was one of seven children. Growing up, he loved playing the drums and baseball, where he played with the Police Athletic League (PAL). George served his country with the United States Army and received Honorable Discharge as a mechanic. Even with what he professionally accomplished, George loved his family most of all, especially their yearly tradition of climbing the Tortugas Mountain in Las Cruces, New Mexico and dancing to honor Our Lady of Guadalupe in December and on New Year’s. Read more.

Jim Ashley’s Story

justin-jim-donor-and-danaThis father’s day the Ashley family will celebrate the legacy of their father, Jim, a man who saved five lives through organ donation. Nearly a year ago, Justin and Dana Ashley lost their father after he tragically suffered severe head trauma at the age of 53 and passed away. While trying to cope with their loss, the Ashley’s were approached by a family service coordinator with Southwest Transplant Alliance (STA), who offered hope through the possibility of organ donation. Read more.