Patti Niles

President and CEO

Patti is credited with turning the organization into one of the most successful organ recovery organizations in the country. | Full bio.

Bradley L. Adams

Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel

Brad oversees the organization’s legal and financial affairs and serves as the agency’s corporate compliance officer. | Full bio.

Sandi Lemons

Chief Operating Officer

Sandi provides strategic leadership and vision to the day-to-day operations of Southwest Transplant Alliance. | Full bio.

Dr. Tiffany Anthony

Associate Medical Director

Tiffany Anthony, M.D., is the associate medical director of STA, where she serves as an organ procurement surgeon.  |  Full bio.

Jo Ann Arias

Vice President of Human Resources

Jo Ann is responsible for workforce and performance management, employee relations and retention, and benefits and compensation. | Full bio.

Kevin Barnes

Director of Finance

Kevin oversees the finance department including budgeting, payroll and financial reporting. | Full bio.

Yvette Chapman

Director of Transplant Center Development

Yvette provides ongoing support, consultation and education to the hospital transplant center that are STA’s partners. | Full bio.

Chad Ezzell

Vice President of Clinical Services

Chad Ezzell is the Vice President of Clinical Services where he will direct STA’s organ and tissue recovery services. | Full bio.

Reid Freeman

Director of Clinical Services, Central

Reid oversees organ recovery operations in STA’s Dallas service area. | Full bio

Wil Louis

Director of Regional Donation Services

Wil creates and implements educational programs to increase organ and tissue donation at hospitals throughout Texas . | Full bio.

Maureen Meyer

Vice President of Quality Services

Maureen provides guidance to STA in its development and implementation of quality based and data derived performance improvement initiatives. |Full bio.

Toni Portwood

Director of Family Care

Toni leads a dedicated team that provides support and guidance to donor families.  | Full bio

Dr. Jeffrey C. Reese

Medical Director and Procurement Surgeon

Jeffrey Reese, M.D. is the medical director and the first full-time procurement surgeon at STA. | Full bio.

Larry Sickles

Director of Tissue Recovery Services

Larry oversees the development of tissue operations and for cultivating relationships with tissue partners in STA’s donor service area. |Full bio

Vicki Simmons

Director of Information Technology

Vicki oversees every aspect of the organization’s core communication and data information systems. | Full bio

Keith Whitlock

Director of Hospital Services

Keith Whitlock leads a highly-skilled team of hospital development professionals and supports donation awareness and education throughout Dallas-area acute care hospitals.  |  Full bio