Patti Niles

President and CEO

Patti is credited with turning the organization into one of the most successful organ recovery organizations in the country. | Full bio.

Burton J. Mattice

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Burt has helped STA become one of the most successful OPO’s in the country by breaking records in the number of organs transplanted. | Full bio.


Bradley L. Adams

Senior Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel

Brad oversees the organization’s legal and financial affairs and serves as the agency’s corporate compliance officer. | Full bio.

Jo Ann Arias

Director of Human Resources

Jo Ann is responsible for workforce and performance management, employee relations and retention, and benefits and compensation. | Full bio.

Kevin Barnes

Director of Finance

Kevin oversees the finance department including budgeting, payroll and financial reporting. | Full bio.

Jesse Bravo

Director of Tissue Service

Jesse , MBA, CTBS, CEBT is responsible for the development of tissue operations and for cultivating relationships with tissue partners in STA’s donor service area. |       Full bio.

Yvette Chapman

Director of Transplant Center Development

Yvette provides ongoing support, consultation and education to the hospital transplant center that are STA’s partners. | Full bio.

Sam Davis

Director of Hospital and Family Services

Sam and his team work with more than 200 hospitals in Texas to ensure that every life-saving donation opportunity is realized. | Full bio.

Chad Ezzell

Director of Quality Systems

Chad Ezzell is responsible for ensuring that the quality program within STA achieves excellence and reflects continual quality improvement. | Full bio.

Dr. Geoffrey A. Funk

Assistant Medical Director

When not on call at STA, Dr. Funk is an attending surgeon in general and trauma surgery, as well as surgical critical care at Baylor University Medical Center. | Full bio.

Steve Peterson

Director of Information Technology

Steve and his team plan, deploy and manage IT services throughout the organization. | Full bio.

Dr. Jeffrey C. Reese

Medical Director and Procurement Surgeon

Jeffrey Reese, M.D. is the medical director and the first full-time procurement surgeon at STA. | Full bio.

Patti Robertson

Director of Education and Development

Patti is responsible for coordinating and facilitating all employee education programs for Southwest Transplant Alliance. | Full bio.

Garry W. Stubbs

Director of Intraoperative Critical Care and Research

Garry is responsible for providing perioperative critical care to those patients who have the potential to become organ donors. | Full bio.

Katie Whitton

Director of Marketing and Communications

Katie Whitton, APR, directs the organization’s marketing, public relations and overall communications efforts. | Full bio.