justin-jim-donor-and-danaThis father’s day the Ashley family will celebrate the legacy of their father, Jim, a man who saved five lives through organ donation. Nearly a year ago, Justin and Dana Ashley lost their father after he tragically suffered severe head trauma at the age of 53 and passed away.

While trying to cope with their loss, the Ashleys were approached by a family service coordinator with Southwest Transplant Alliance, who offered hope through the possibility of organ donation.

“My father was always a giving man and this was by far his BEST gift,” says donor daughter Dana Ashley. “The only thing that kept me going during those first few months was knowing that he lived on through someone else.”

Now, the Ashley family works side by side as volunteers with STA, advocating to increase the donor registry and educating their community on the true impact of organ donation. Through their volunteer work they honor Jim and share their father’s story.