georgevargasGeorge Dennis Vargas was one of seven children. Growing up he loved playing the drums and baseball, where he played with the Police Athletic League (PAL). George served his country with the United States Army and received Honorable Discharge as a mechanic. Even with what he professionally accomplished, George loved his family most of all, especially their yearly tradition of climbing the Tortugas Mountain in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and dancing to honor Our Lady of Guadalupe in December and on New Year’s.

George was a simple and hard-working man who loved talking and making new friends. He always had a kind word or a simple “hello, how are you,” to those walking down the street. His family nicknamed him “The Town’s Newspaper,” because he knew what was going on around town before they could tell him. His sister, Alice Villaseñor, says George “would give the shirt off his back for those who needed help.”

On July 5, 2009 the lives of his family were turned upside down when George became a victim of a homicide. Alice knew he was a kind-hearted man and had made the life-saving decision of registering as an organ donor, just a year prior.

George’s heart was gratefully received by a man in Galveston, Texas, who is now able to enjoy life with his family. Alice met George’s heart recipient for the first time during Donate Life Month in 2011. An active Volunteer Advocate for Southwest Transplant Alliance and Donate Life Texas, Alice speaks specifically to employees at Department of Public Safety (DPS) trainings. She is always excited to inform them of the importance of the life-saving question they are asking and tying it to the amazing decision her brother made. “Donation means giving someone a chance to live, an opportunity to give life. Whether it is an adult or a child, donation is a miracle that allows that person to continue living.”